Monday, April 2, 2012

A New Beginning...

My journey with brands began some 20yrs ago as a doctoral student in Sweden. Although at the time I entered the Branding arena as a marketer and therefore looked at them more as a mode of enticing the consumer/customer, as I dug deeper to understand what makes them work/fail, I realized that communication is in fact the fag-end of branding. A lot more work, thought and planning needs to go into a brand before we get to that point.

As I delved further and further into the theory, searching for explanations in culture, sociology and philosophy theories as to why something that works in one part of the world collapses miserably when replicated in another part of the world, I began to understand the width and depth of possibilities that brands can provide.

This blog is about this journey of understanding that has converted a marketer in to a researcher, a student of human behavior and finally into a strategist.

The posts are not likely to be in sequence and are definitely likely to be erratic and perhaps even commonsensical...

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